Monthly Archives: October 2014

Artificial Turf

I had not been a fan of artificial turf... something about it just didn't sit right with me. Perhaps it was too similar to a rug? But now I'm beginning to see the benefits of synthetic grass. It is a great solution for areas where you want and need a surface that can be walked on, stays green and can be used by pets. Due to...
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Mortar Color

Using glass tile?  If so, consider how the color of the mortar will change the color of the tile.  Here's a good example using the same tile but different mortar color.  To achieve the lighter color appearance, we used a white mortar.  The darker blue appearance was achieved by using a...
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Tile for an Accent Wall

Need an interesting accent wall?  This Daltile porcelain tile provides great texture for vertical wall surfaces.  LED lighting above plays off of the textured surface in the evening hours for a wonderful effect.  Perfect as a focal point!

A Glass Floor?

20141024_185154Looking for a different look in the concrete patio, we installed a glass floor and turned up the sparkle with mirrored glass chips and LED lights.  The results were stunning... and the response was interesting.  Folks pause as they come up to the glass.  Can it really be walked on?  Oh yeah!