Landscape Maintenance – February

February in Dallas, TX (USDA zone 8 - 7a) is the month when we have days of spring type weather punctuated with cold spells reminding us that winter is not over yet. But in order to get ready for the spring flush of new growth, there are a few task that need to be addressed. 1. Trim roses. If you are fortunate to still have roses with the rose rosette disease on...
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Plants for Summer Color

The heat of summer can be stifling here in the Dallas area. It is also a difficult time of year to find plants that can perform well without melting. A couple that I've found that seems to take the heat well are the Texas bird of paradise or Caesalpinia gilliesii and dragon wing begonia a begonia hybrid. The Caesalpinia gilliesii requires full sun. It starts blooming in July and through the summer...
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Kick Board

The final component in updating the back yard for the kids' new interest was a kick board to practice soccer.  We built the kick board using cement board supported by 4"x4" posts and treated lumber framing on the back side.  White painted border is the outline of a soccer goal.  Artificial turf provides a year round smooth surface where the grass won't grow.  Perfect for the kids to practice kicking...
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