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Fall Color

mum - Dazzling StacyBring on the mums, snap dragons and stock!  Finally, the temps are on the way down in Dallas... after all it is mid-October.  I know folks from the north probably envy our long summers but I'm ready for a cool break!  So bring on the mums, snap dragons and stock!  I like to add these to the existing...
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Containers for Summer

zebrina-pendulaGet an early start on planning for summer. I love using containers in our landscape projects.  They add a punch of color to any patio or front entrance to a home.  Containers allow you to better control the soil mixture.  However, in our Texas heat, they can dry out fast.  So, I recommend using large containers as they will...
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Bulbs – Tulips, Hyacinth, Daffodils

As the weather changed to cooler days and cold nights, we removed the summer annuals and installed winter color including blubs. This meant pulling out the lush and full begonias and coleus. We had great success with the Alabama Coleus. They reached a height of 2′ and withstood direct sun once established. They were starting to show cold damage and it was only a matter of time before the colder weather...
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