Containers for Summer

Containers for Summer

zebrina-pendulaGet an early start on planning for summer. I love using containers in our landscape projects.  They add a punch of color to any patio or front entrance to a home.  Containers allow you to better control the soil mixture.  However, in our Texas heat, they can dry out fast.  So, I recommend using large containers as they will retain moisture longer than smaller containers.  Here are some updates on containers that we maintain.

I love the look of the SunPatiens.   They are offered in great color selections.  And a good size container can easily hold 3 Variegated Vigorous Coral SunPatiens.  The form is perfect… nice and round covering the soil.  In the Dallas area, I’ve had better performance using these in a semi-shaded area as the intense July / August sun can be a too much for them.

Fancy leaf caladiums performed wonderfully underneath the yaupon holly.  The fancy leaf caladium requires more shade than the strap leaf caladium.  Those that you see in the sun are a strap leaf variety.  You can identify the difference by looking at the shape of the leaf.  The fancy leaf caladium has a heart shape leaf whereas the strap leaf is arrow shaped.

cora-periwinkleFor a bright flower that can withstand the sun and heat, we had success with the Cora Periwinkle.  This is the burgundy Cora Periwinkle.  These plants filled in the container.  I have found that they will bounce back quickly if they become dry which can easily happen in July and August.

Another great plant combination for a mostly sunny location is crotons and Zebrina pendula.  The colors are so vibrant ranging from reds to yellows and purples!

We almost always install a drip line from the existing irrigation system to each container.  You can run the tube through the bottom of the container or have it come up over the side of the container.  A drip line will save you many hours of hand watering.  And you can go on vacation knowing that your plants will look good on your return.

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