Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends the time for you, your family and friends to enjoy your outdoor living area. Lighting creates a ambiance that can not be matched during the day light hours. Lighting gives you the ability to highlight features in the garden, provides working light for your outdoor kitchen area, and creates a scenic atmosphere to kick back and enjoy your company.

So, you're coming home late from work and it's already starting to get dark. You can extend your time outside enjoying the landscape with outdoor lighting. LED lights are becoming the norm for outdoors. Lights can be placed to highlight features of the landscape like fountains or trees. Use downlights to light up a path or walkway and, especially, provide for entertaining areas like the grill and gathering spaces. Lighting is a great investment and I know you'd enjoy it. I want to work with you in creating the perfect design. Call me. Let's get started.

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