Outdoor Seating

Enough seating for family and guest is important to keep in mind when planning an outdoor living area. A couple of ways to achieve this is with patio furniture and stone seat walls that double as a retaining wall.

Here's another Landscape Studio tip with David Castagno.

Think about your biggest outdoor gathering you'll have this year. That's the amount of seating you'll need, especially if you're having a sit down meal. Some tables can hold up to ten people, but you may need more seats than that. So, consider lounge seating such as sofas, side chairs, bar stools, or even built-in seat walls. And, finally, I like to add cushions made with outdoor fabric and padding that shed water, dry quickly, are mold resistant. Give me a call. I'd love to work with you.

As you imagine your ultimate outdoor living space, is it the perfect plants, the alignment of the bricks, pavers, and retaining walls? Or, is it the feeling of spending time with family and friends in an environment that exceeds every expectation? David Castagno and the team at Landscape Studio are more than architects or plant experts. They're outdoor space designers who have worked on premier homes and businesses throughout North Texas. Start your unique design now!

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