Portfolio Category: Design

Keeping it Fun

By the time we were called to re-design this space, the teenagers needs were a high priority. Keep it fun. Make a place to hang out. Creating pockets of places to gather was the solution for this family. Bright colors used throughout in the shutter selection, the perennials and furnishings keep the space fresh and interesting.


As is common for new homes, this stunning home's landscape was full and well laid out in the front yard but lacking in the backyard. Our landscape design enhanced the back yard by taking advantage of the vistas to the pond while providing privacy screening from neighbors. An outdoor fire pit and arbor provides additional entertaining space. Large pots full of seasonal color and vibrant seating cushions complete the look.

Church of Christ, Columbarium

While still under design development, the shape of the Preston Road Church of Christ Columbarium is coming together. The forms are taking on classic elements including a quatrefoil pattern, pedestals topped with cast stone ornaments and pottery, travertine paving and dark granite fronts.