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Side Burners

We all know that a grill is a must for an outdoor kitchen. But have you considered a side burner as well? These are often overlooked. They come in handy as they can be used to heat side dishes to compliment the main dish coming off of the grill.

Outdoor Seating

Enough seating for family and guest is important to keep in mind when planning an outdoor living area. A couple of ways to achieve this is with patio furniture and stone seat walls that double as a retaining wall. Here's another Landscape Studio tip with David Castagno. Think about your biggest outdoor gathering you'll have this year. That's the amount of seating you'll need, especially if you're having a sit down meal....
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A patio doesn't have to be gray concrete... although that is okay, you have options to make the patio a more interesting part of the landscape. Consider overlaying with porcelain tile or stone to add interesting to the otherwise bland concrete patio. If your house is like most homes, you have a great concrete patio off the back door. And this is fine, but you can dress it up and we...
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