Design Service

Design Service

The design contains the vision that determines the success of a project. The lack of a design plan can be compared to a house without architectural plans. The end result is unknown until the task is completed. But by then, not only may it be too late to correct, it will cost more to fix. It is better to put the time into developing a design before picking up a shovel.

The design process can be elusive to most. But in reality, there are design elements and principles that all good design adheres to. These rules guide our work and are applied regardless of the project scope.

We begin the process by understanding your objectives with a series of questions. How will you use the space? What are your preferences? Do you have a prioritzed wish list? Most clients have a goal in mind. It is our job to help define and refine your objective.

Then we take inventory of the space to see what we have to work with. How large of a space? What are the positive and negative sight lines and views? What type of sun exposure will we be working with? Is there existing hardscape and softscape that needs to be incorporated into the design solution. Then we take pictures... a lot of pictures!

Now that we have the requirements in hand and a better understanding of the existing space that we will be working with, we develop concepts. Concepts are differing creative solutions for your project. Concepts help us to communicate with you our ideas.

After reviewing, you will be drawn to one or more concepts. These are the concepts we want to focus on and develop to a final design, specifying details to include materials and placements.

In both the concept and final design stage, we apply design principles using elements which bring the design together as a whole composition. The principles of design are scale, order, repetition and focal point. Elements involve line, form, color, texture and visual weight. These are the components of design.

If the design elements and rules are understood and implemented during the design process, then the result is a harmonious solution. I know we have been successful when a client says ”The space feels right.”

Once the final design is completed, we can proceed to the next phase, building.

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